About Me

Thank you for sparing some valuable time from your busy schedule to visit my website. Also, this starts a trust building relationship between us where we can learn from one another and resolve issues that are playing on your mind and affecting your life at the concious level.

God, Parents, The Universe, Gurus and books are our biggest teachers and healers and I do not move towards resolution of any issue without thanking them and seeking their blessings as they are the guiding light always in my journey.

We will be able to do a great hand holding with each other if both of us can start on this belief and ground ourselves and take the positive energies from the Universe to positively resolve issues related to Health, Finances, Work and Relationships.

Happiness and passion are two more strengths that work wonders for me. If I am not happy it is not possible that I can make anyone else happy. My passion for my work and the trust in and passion for different modalities that I work on  has brought about a positive shift for many clients, family and friends and myself.

Healing ,Tarot, Crystal Therapy, Family Constellations, SwitchWords and Past Life Regression are modalities that are very close to my heart and have brought about positive changes in the lives of many individuals who have given me their trust and hand-holding to resolve their issues.

  • Certified Tarot Card Reader
  • Certified Family Constellation Facilitator
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
  • Certified Crystal therapist and Healer
  • Certified Aura Reader and Healer