Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a healing modality that uses mild and deep hypnosis (depending on the severity of the issue) to regress into past lives to generally see a happy past life or to address a particular issue that has a recurrence in the current life and that needs to be resolved at the subconscious mind level to improve situations of life at the conscious level.

PLR as a modality is based on the Laws of Karma and it helps us to understand the root cause of problems that have recurring patterns in current life which may be affecting someone through health issues or finances or relationships or fears or phobias.

How Past Life Regression works?

Under the guidance of the PLR Therapist the client is taken into a deep trance where the subconscious mind opens the doors to memories that are responsible for the issue to be dealt at hand.

Past Life Regression modality provides permanent solutions to problems as it goes to the root cause of the problem from whgichever life the probem arose.

How Past Life Karmas effect our current lives?

Positive and negative karmas of each and every lifetime are equated as per Angelic records and each soul has to live on this earth till the balance of negative karmas becomes NIL and he has accumulated a balance of positive karmas and to live those karmas one has to take birth again and again till this balance becomes zero.

Why Past Life Regression?

1. PLR modality helps in resolving physical, mental and emotional blockages.
2. PLR helps us to recognise our innate creative talents
3. PLR helps to improve interpersonal relationships
4. PLR helps to overcome fears and phobias
5. PLR helps us to find our life purpose
6. PLR helps to release the fear of death
7. PLR helps in removing drug and alcohol abuse
8. PLR helps in establishing a balance between mind, body and soul

Past Life Regression- A Healing Therapy

PLR therapy helps to reach to the root cause of any particular issue and resolves it permanently however, it may take many past lives and ego states resolutions to resolve one particular issue. The healing and trauma resolutions bring about beautiful shift of energies of the individual and hence, it is a wonderfully working modality.