Why Tarot Works

The Tarot is a specialised device that has evolved through a long history. It is claimed to have originated from the ancient Egyptian tribes as well as Europe at different times. The Tarot Deck is just like a pack of playing cards In the Tarot there are Minor Arcana and Major Arcana. Where playing cards have Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds, Minor Arcana has Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. The 22 extra cards are known as Major Arcana and have their own numbers with an image. Each card has its own meaning according to its position and grouping. The formed combination is unique and shows the positive and negative effects.

Several theories have emerged about the validity of Tarot or is it able to divulge the innermost secrets and foretell the situations. The principle of why tarot works is simple. There is our subconscious mind and a higher power that regulates the workings of the universe. This universal energy is present in everything and is in continuous contact with us. It is not that they communicate through the cards. They communicate with us and the deck of cards is used only to decipher the message. These cards kindle our higher energy only when we are willing to listen. The symbols on the cards and their positions opens the channels towards deeper insight into our lives. It is a whole language that enables us understand our circumstances and habits.

A novel concept has emerged in the past few decades that the energy of the questioner is transmitted into the deck, which makes a specific card to come up. This is the reason that many readers ask the questioner to shuffle the cards for themselves. This concept is largely approved by scientific parapsychologists. When we shuffle the cards, we subconsciously make decisions about which one has to be placed where, according to the answer we are seeking for. That is why tarot works so accurately. This idea is supported by the evidence that different people get to see their lives in completely different ways through the same settings and same deck of Tarot cards. Our mind is always in action when we are adding meaning to these symbols.

According to some psychological confirmation, the Tarot reader gets cognitive information from another side of the mind. Its source does not require any genius or creation, but absolute human subconsciousness. A sensitive reader believes in his/her intuition, brings their energy to their subconscious mind when reading and reframes the meaning according to the imagery. It is a practice of tapping the unconscious and clear all the doubts on the problems with the help of symbols visible on the cards. Why Tarot works is because the questioner can understand this meaning in a very flexible and dynamic way according to its suitability to the situation. The readers counsel the questioner with their several years of constant honing and intuition. This art is based on the ancient truths and studies of human conditions that grow spiritually. The psychological aspect also fully supports the ability of Tarot cards to spark the cold psyche in the deep recesses of the brain.